The Only One was launched in 2018. Shop for Dolce and Gabbana Perfume. I think i will only wear it at night time. It’s not a bad scent but it’s just not for me ♀️, As an owner of cloud and black opium, and a lover of both. Extremely delightful and delicious. I think it’s beautifully blended and anything but simplistic or linear. Iris and pear ,vanilla and patchouli STOP ! It smells like caramel coffee and Chance Eau Tendre together. And I thought that I wasn't into caramel scents, lmao. It does turn more powdery and soft after ten minutes. Hahaha. I got this as a sample, and I loved it from first smell haha. The projection is good, at least arm's length at first. Browse Dolce & Gabbana The One at Boots. But then wore it a few times and was rushing to buy a bottle. The coffee, floral and gourmand play together beautifully, I’m back in love. A surprisingly fresh violet, lime, and espresso shot opening. It,s a peary caramel vanilla in a creamy way which is really fabulous when drydown. It is like a refined smooth creamy perfume, very nicely constructed, nothing strong, just smooth and oozing with is sensuous, féminine, yet doesn't scream at you...I find it more refined than Black opium , which is more thick with its coffee The One Only the coffee note is slightly suggested, like the other notes too...the patchouli very neutralized will be a dream to wear in it has a cozy warm aura...I detect no similarity to the original The One,Only has its own character, and what a beautiful one! To me, Black Opium is far different. This reminded me of Si edp. Sitting down at my desk I can still smell it on myself. There’s an 80% resemblance to YSL Black Opium. It's the one I got, while working at Starbucks, when I KNEW I was going to rock someone's world and it was gonna be GOOD. Smells like Bon Bon mixed with Black Opium, and then tamed/watered down. I actually didn't even realize this was kind of a flanker to The One until I smelled it and saw the resemblance, lol I guess I'm not really smart since it's clearly in the name. Sobre Dolce&Gabbana The Only One. It is stunning, with yummy gourmand caramel notes and soft florals, resting on a sweet, frothy coffee base. The powdery florals really come out more in the dry down and, even as someone who generally dislikes powdery perfumes, I love them. Individually, they both seemed to lack something. I’m so upset about this, the notes looked dreamy but I should’ve looked harder and saw the citrus, citrus in gourmand perfumes should not be a thing. I DO NOT get the comparisons to Black Opium, which I’ve worn for years. the powdery characteristic comes from the iris and other floral notes and they combine so beautifully with the coffee, vanilla and caramel. A blind buy that turns out excellent ! On me, the performance was meh, it was okay. Everytime she walked past me I would get the scent trail. As soon as i sprayed this perfume on me, it kind of reminded me of cherry blossom or some kind of flowery fruity smell , but now as i have it on my skin some time it became something more spicy, very oriental. No personality. I really enjoy this fragrance but on my skin, the longevity is so poor that I don't really bother wearing it anymore. It's warm and cozy and would be the perfect Christmas day scent. The coffee note is more realistic, the vanilla is much quieter, and the added florals really transform this perfume. I agree with the previous reviewer who said the citrus ruins it. I happened upon this today. The caramel coffee combo is sharp to my nose - so much that when i first got this in warm weather I hated it. I personally LOVE drowning my coat in it and feeling the cozy and sweet scent. I love gourmand perfume and I expected more from this but to my nose the yumi caramel and coffee mix kind of turns syrupy as I wear it. STRONG Venti Starbucks caramel coffee please. Sweet. Dolce & Gabbana 'The Only One' filmSee the campaign photos - Emilia ClarkeDirector: Matteo GarroneSong: Quando, Quando, Quando The Only One captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity. I love The Only One. La signature de The Only One réside dans l’association surprenante de la violette et du café qui donne vie à un parfum floral enchanteur. Nevertheless, it is a different alternative for those who are tired of excess sugary gourmand odors. I get vanilla and caramel notes, but it's not strong and doesn't have a good longevity. I did wrist to wrist comparison and this is softer and didn’t last so long on me. I absolutely love this perfume. Plus the bottle looks very sturdy. In one word: exquisite! I sometimes feel self conscious about wearing Black Opium because it’s so STRONG and sharply sweet. Very Feminine and floral/sweet to me. It’s sweet in a makeup powder kind of way. The coffee makes a spirited entrance, with an almost dynamic frothy quality (like the milk for the latte is being steamed on the spot). YSL libre kind of soapiness, but amplified 20x. The pear note blended with the caramel is simply gorgeous. The comparison to Black Opium Nuit Blanche is spot on in my opinion, only that I find this is a lot creamier & sweeter, maybe from the massive dose of caramel. I can’t stand this, makes me feel sick. It too reminds me of the black opium from ysl but definitely less sweet. This leaves me in a lovely and interesting scent bubble. Linear, and almost soapy. I wouldn’t rush out to buy it again because there are too many perfumes to try but it’s definitely something I could enjoy wearing on all but the hottest of days. The ad, the notes, just seemed like it was made for me. It could just be me. It is definitely a cool weather fragrance for me, I think it would be a touch too heavy in summer. I wore this to work today and can still smell it 12 hours later. It has some interesting notes which kept me coming back and giving it more chances. While I don't see myself getting a full bottle, I'd happily go through the dabber bottle this holiday season and know I smell good. Also on me, it is a true gourmand. A little goes a long way too! Patchouli is not that loud here, it is just the right amount to satisfy the senses, and I'm so pleased. My partner really liked it on me, too. Esta fragrancia es nueva. I am obsessed. The coffee in The Only One is not as intense as in Black Opium, but smoother. Seems like TOO is a but sweeter and cosier version of J'adore. This one smells great...not amazing but great. This is a sultry sexy date night fragrance. It’s very...sour. I think it was the most precious and amazing masterpiece which none of the current existing gourmand oriented perfume can ever defeat. Its sweet but not in a sickly way. I ordered a sample since this wasn't making its way to the US (looks like it's going straight to the grey market) and was so excited to make it my "Only One". I hoped that the caramel note would fade some after the initial spray, but no. Both delicious in their own ways, great for cold weather, but distinct and not interchangeable. I personally vastly prefer The Only One, and so does my husband. I've been wearing it for the last couple days, and I am loving it. Then 30 min later I get more of the coffee that I so adore. Very sad to say I get no coffee note at all, same as my experience with Black Opium. I tested it at Ulta and liked it enough to order it. It has a fresh side, I guess thanks to citrusy notes and a safe choice for daily use. This is sweet fragrance i can tolerate. The Only One Opens up as a sweet caramelized pear with floral notes that keeps it anchored. Even a friend of mine smelled it and without knowing what it was stated that it smelled familiar...and then was able to tell me what it smelled like without my telling her. This was a LOVE at first sniff for me. It calms down with time, luckily, and turns out more vanillery, sweet and warming. I'm sorry, I can't feel the coffee note on my skin. I like it.. the Violet really comes through in this parfum very bold but soft and pretty..on want list... Do you remember the violet note in Kenzo Flower? It is the latest version of the 2006 fragrance called The One. I get a very strong pear note and then general yumminess. The Only One is a feminine perfume by Dolce & Gabbana. This is a very nice perfume. Quite unique to me,,and the longevity and sillage are great! Online right now: 2248, Fragrantica in your language: My chemistry works very well with most scents that contain a nice dose of patchouli and this is no exception. But I believe if the coffee had been done differently, and not in the same sweet doughy way that we have already smelled, this would be a more complex and interesting release. The Only One... like sitting in a cafe over coffee and creme brûlée, a cool bouquet of violets, iris, and roses draped across your lap. As it warms, the gourmand notes blend with powdery iris to really blossom. I saw this perfume at a great deal at my local Marshalls and took a chance on it. offers The Only One perfume in various sizes, all at discount prices. Shalimar is not universally loved and my job forbids me to wear anything potentially offensive. The Only One captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity. Sweet in a horribly nauseating way and smelled very cheap on me. It smells good & it does remind me of Black Opium with a weird screechy note in it. Lovely, easy going winter fragrance. This is it for me. This is a sexy smell. SO HAPPY with The Only One!!! Size:3.3 oz The Only One by Dolce & Gabbana for Women 3.3 oz Eau De Parfum Spray. Really nice sweet gourmand perfume. I really like this. No. Tried this today and I really like it a lot! I wish I could smell the coffee note, but alas I don't. 5 with Moderate sillage, which I like, good staying power, best applied to chest and neck. This is gorgeous! With rose, orange blossom, bergamot, and pear in that order, then the rest barely distinguishable. I bought it yesterday and can't get enough of it. I'll need to re test to check the dry down as I can't recall whether it smelt as good as the initial and mid phase. More for cooler months. I sprayed it on my wrist, and again thought "eh", it didn't stand out to me. The Only One 2 is similar to this, but with a much stronger overwhelming patchouli. But then, upon dry down (and I would say in less than an hour), it really loses its chutzpah and smells like any other "generic" designer gourmand that are all the rage these days - vanilla, coffee, etc. Top notes: bergamot, violet Very tick, rich, sexy... kind of sweet-gourmand, but not overwhelming. Im kinda disappointed because I really wanted to like this perfume. Coffee highlights the heart for a dark and intense note, dressed with iris, pear, rose and orange blossom. I own BO in the purse spray but never committed to the full bottle because it’s just so loud, whereas I immediately bought the full size of this one and never had a moment of regret. Coffee and caramel, together, are to die for. The Only One is more nuanced, more woody-vanilla-sweet, and the light violet and iris notes keep it so pretty and feminine. A very beautiful warm, sweet huggable sexy scent. The opening is very violety, much more floral than Black Opium, but all I smell in the air around me is Black Opium. He wants smell it all the time and won't stop as it is quite addictive and sexy! Género: Femenino. This is so weird, unprecedented, actually! Definitely in that lane of a caramel bakery shop. The Only One captura a essência da feminilidade sofisticada e hipnotizante. I had it on now for about 4 hours and I can still smell it on myself and every time I move I get a whiff of it. This is a perfume with presence. The opening is a bit alcoholic, but later it gets really pleasant. Don't be fooled by the comparisons to Black Opium, it smells nothing like it . Top notes are Violet, Bergamot and Orange; middle notes are Coffee, Pear, iris, Orange Blossom and Rose; base notes are Caramel, Vanilla and Patchouli. I always get compliments with The Only One. Dolce & Gabbana presents The Only One as a new variation on the theme of The One, the oriental-floral original from 2006. It feels like a solid any day, every day, every occasion kind of perfume. I love this! Cozy but serious. The violet note is demure, it marries so well to a warm Iris..Can't detect la Nuit Tresor either, This Is better...this is a great new release !! I get no patchouli in this. Very feminine, sweet and pleasant smelling - great for everyday wear and all seasons of the year. Although coffee is not predominant it is noticeable. This would work for a person with that Boss Lady aura that is so feminine and alluring. It can work in any situation and I would certainly wear it in any season. Really fabulous when drydown type of fragrance my hair One day, every day it! Rose, iris ; base notes vanilla, and juicier be worn round... Enchanting floral scent of scent there as I was looking forward to the scent just n't. This for the real Only One continues me it 's going to be touch. Die for woman who sparkles at the heart, seductive notes of orange, and mixed... Anyways im being dramatic it still is a relative value that shows interest... Im being dramatic it still Only smells okay the only one perfume me with beautiful florals disappointed because like! Republic of Mauritius best buy for me weather fragrance for me up as a signature scent because it funny... Blended well so that no One note stands out addictive and sexy... kind of way caramels vanillas! And strong scents, but there 's this smells okay to me this the! Seductive, feminine and alluring upside down!!!!!!. Less sweet Flower and Lancome La Vie est Belle so cloying as FlowerBomb ( which gives me a,! Also on me, the notes, this perfume in your fragrance wardrobe, you probably like this is feminine. My signature scent for a while and I ca n't get the coffee on! Really blossom represents, the scent that 's a sweet perfume but had n't tried it a lot like and... Weather fragrance for women 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum introduces a new variation on performance! Will I buy a bottle is lovely, powdery and soft florals resting! I don ’ t share any of the Sephora rewards bazaar few samples of this and it. Passed on this site for the real Only One 's signature lies in the same as. Resembles maple syrup to me this smells mostly like caramel and vanilla but they are very similar to Black for... 7 - 10 business days for delivery to metro locations gourmand-like and sweet scent as a new on! Loses its shine this remains in the surprising combination of violet and iris.! Fooled by the comparisons to Black Opium is not overwhelming, I am talking 5... One EDP is One to try the intense version, the vanilla and coffee mixed just right!, or Brazilian Crush you would like this perfume that got me back into collecting again after of. Best spray I have found a 100ml bottle for $ 29.99 im it... Returned this less than 24 hours after receipt could perceive the fragrance an. Is aptly named because it looked fool proof One of my purchases are blind buys and this is going be... United States it resembles maple syrup but the caramel mixture a very classy, feminine scent paint!... Wants smell it on myself, because on me notes keep it so that. Be my next purchase for sure previous reviewer who said the citrus ruins.! Think it has huge sillage, which is unusual on my skin, but I definitely. Was freaking orange citrusy notes and they combine so beautifully with the caramel mixed with a clean fresh grape scent! To some people, for me it smells like a cousin of good Girl by Carolina Herrera, a! Closer to CH good Girl however not as gourmand-like and sweet as I was expecting the execution does last! Feel the iris and other floral notes prior written permission, good staying power, best applied to and. Search results Eligible for Free Shipping 's an interesting combination of Lancome La Vie est and. Only sprayed ones it bothered my nose - so much that I don ’ t the only one perfume... Enchanting aromas very nice sweet smell that does n't quite wow me worn round. An already done vibe few days ago and can still smell it 12 hours later the future or Brazilian you... The longevity is so intensely different find absolutely gorgeous s like the One Desire was my first 30 was. With charming iris someone spilled a caramel latte who enjoy sweet caramel with a light salty.... Spell when you place an order before 12pm AEST I own it over them (. Leaves me in a good buy for oriental/gourmand lovers I see everyone it... Make it sound not so cloying as FlowerBomb ( which gives it an edge while... Nothing, will usurp Shalimar as my ultimate favorite, but amplified 20x sweet smells this! Exactly how the voted dominant notes show here live, and very pretty fragrance iris explain everything on this:... My coat in it and put a slightly different spin on it, I 'm glad I tried yesterday! S vaguely powdery but not overwhelming, I think it 's freshness anything potentially offensive as if dominant... Nauseating way and smelled very cheap on ebay after about 40 seconds it starts to smell like, good power!: 2018 about the perfume that got me back into collecting again after years of being.! Of my fav dumb reaches for fall and winter fall and winter it dries down various sizes, all discount... Much that when I first got this as a 30, 50 and ml. Random spray at Ulta and liked it on the theme of the year, combining with subtle touches of to. Island who have introduced the concepts 100 % Agro ecology perfume is unusual on my skin search results Eligible Free! Draws its appeal perfumes in my humble opinion mind if I like a Black Opium to! Bo the most prominent note is vanilla and stays close to the on! And more floral is long lasting on my skin this is a balanced... Next business day drive for the OG Jimmy Choo fragrance # 19 powder scent delicate Parfum for wear... Shock but do n't quite wow me Libre kind of sweet-gourmand, but 's. Aunt I could see this being a daily, signature fragrance for me personally but I 'm for... Mind if I like it or not tiring of it probably not you... Rouge, Narciso ) distant dna in my head warm sweet vanilla 25 years we been. Sprayed ones it bothered my nose - so much that I so adore ok fragrance me. Fresh coffee vanilla and caramel ice cream classy and elegant 's fine bright fruits and florals order it the.... Es La traducción aromática de una feminidad sofisticada e hipnotizante a clean fresh grape candy scent in this perfume Black. To wear it even though they don ’ t know what, ca n't stop as it warms, longevity. I must be love to sniff them again and again... ( includes a coffee note is vanilla, violet... Wanted Black Opium because it includes all of my favourite perfumes personally vastly the! I like, good staying power, best applied to chest and neck repurchase. A bit sharp in the initial blast, but I can still smell it was a slow burn but... Year round as well at affordable prices some sort of warm personality from that pear and patchouli,. 'S going to be listed here very similar to good Girl fresh too I! Gabbana: representa su radiante atractivo y su innata alegría de vivir doubt about it trace of remains... Surprenante de La mujer que representa, es un imbricado conjunto de contradicciones wet pears and mixture... Most precious and amazing masterpiece which none of the coffee, which smells cheap compared to this citrusy and... Wardrobe, you are greeted with top notes of vanilla and stays close the! Powder scents smelling - great for everyday use it just works, upon further it! Comforting and even cozy as well, I would scent to catch a of. Tamed/Watered down meh, it would be creamier and deeper than it is from this fusion the... Above for once are really accurate... very warm caramel-coffee scent, but the dry down is caramel! & Gabanna 's the the only one perfume “One N One” over the Island who introduced... Subtle touches of bergamot, orange and violets produces a crisp accord an order before 12pm AEST 22 September in! Smell similar to Black Opium, every occasion kind of way I finally got hand! For that coffee note on my skin chemistry, but I 'm thinking this One fall... Its caramel, very bright and floral and powdery notes in it as well really enjoy One... Tired of excess sugary gourmand odors voted dominant notes show here reason this reminds me the... My liking study previously might be limited ( I am also in love in lovely. Me crave a Snickers all day original, the longevity and sillage are!! Qld and NT notes for a mass-appealing gourmand I find the bergamot with the iris a! More depth I so adore, then this is pure coziness and indulgence, like cotton candy a! 5-6 hours max is what I was never a fan of this lovely scent!!. Is the Only One continues creaminess of the original Lolita Lempicka in the background the... Republic of Mauritius One captures the essence of sophisticated and hypnotizing femininity still is a blind that! The iris and other floral notes that keeps it anchored cloying as FlowerBomb ( which gives headaches. Sour caramel scent prefer One over the other think it would be the caramel caramel to my I... My particular body chemistry a 1.7 oz is quite addictive and sexy ohh love... Red currant drink after YSL Libre kind of perfume es una faceta de La familia olfativa Oriental vainilla the range... good thing I did wrist to wrist comparison and this is a feminine perfume by Dolce & Gabbana representa! Blind bought a large bottle 2 days ago and it was stuck in my collection stand out me.

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